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Tom, update

So far Tom has held down his tenancy and adhered to his drug Treatment order, but just the other day he received a letter from his Solicitors stating that his ex partner had been to see her own legal team and that they had advised her to stipulate that Tom must produce negative drug tests before he can see his son. Needless to say this was a major shock to Tom as he was all set for the ball to start rolling and for visitation to start any day.

When Tom came to fill me in on the situation he was at very low ebb and had convinced himself that it was pointless in bothering because as soon as he took steps to try and progress some obstacle sprung up and blocked his path.

We went for a coffee together and talked about the journey that Tom had already taken and how far he had come since he was offending and in chaotic drug use. I used the analogy of Snakes and Ladders explaining that just because Tom had stepped on a big Snake and it felt like a downward spiral that if he thought about all the small ladders he’d climbed then they would greatly outweigh the current set back. After this Tom told me that he felt a lot more positive about the situation and that he was going to prove not only to himself, but to his ex partner that he could manage his Drug use!


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